Paul Hindemith

Louise first became enamoured with Paul Hindemith around 1993 when she was studying at Stellenbosch University. Her Systematic Musicology Lecturer, Winfried Lüdemann set an assignment on the composer, in addition to analysing the Hindemith’s “Mathis der Maler” Symphony. At the same time Louise had started to perform Hindemith’s Sonata for Viola and Piano op.11 no.4 – the combination was clearly lethal and the Hindemith “bug” had truly bitten! Twenty-seven years later Louise is still fascinated and fixated with Hindemith!

Louise’s MPhil at Stellenbosch University, MMus at the RNCM and PhD at the University of Manchester were all Hindemith Hommages! Both MMus on Hindemith’s Sonatas for Viola and Piano and the PhD “The Young Paul Hindemith: Life, Works, Relationships, Influences and Musical Activities until 1922”.

Louise has spent a huge amount of time in places connected to Hindemith - Frankfurt, Hanau, Mainz, Zurich, Yale University and Blonay doing research, giving talks, running courses and playing concerts! Over the years Louise and her students have travelled across the world to broadcast Hindemith and his music. She has written many articles on Hindemith and has plans to write a book “Hindemith and the Viola” in the next few years.

Louise has delivered lectures on Hindemith at conferences around the world, alongside performing his music. She has also designed and delivered academic modules on Hindemith, and acted as a supervisor to other researchers on the composer. Louise has given concerts in Hindemith’s Kuhirttenturm in Frankfurt consisting of lesser known music, including the Trio for viola, piano and heckelphone op.47, Musikalisches Blumengärtlein und Leyptziger Allerley (1927), parody for clarinet and double Bass, transcribed for viola and double bass etc. In November 2021, Louise was invited by Nobuko Imai as guest artist and presenter at the 8th National Viola Festival featuring Paul Hindemith in Amsterdam.