Louise has been teaching since she was 19, and first held part-time teaching positions at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre (Cape Town) and the Konservatorium, Stellenbosch University, alongside a private practice in Cape Town. Although Louise continued to teach when she moved to study at the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester) in 1998, she focused on performance for several years after moving to the UK. She was awarded a Junior Fellowship by the RNCM in 2000, and spent a year being mentored by the late Christopher Rowland. During this time she undertook viola, chamber music and academic teaching at the RNCM and twelve months later was offered a full-time contract as a lecturer within the School of Strings. Louise devoted her life to the RNCM from 2001-2012, teaching countless violists, chamber music groups and initiating performance projects across the globe for RNCM students.During her time at the RNCM she also held part-time teaching positions at Junior RNCM, Chethams School of Music and the University of Manchester.

In 2012 Louise was offered the position of Head of Strings, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. She continued to teach six students at the RNCM for a year after starting at RBC, but otherwise began her new life in Birmingham. Louise has built up a large viola class at RBC and has been instrumental in recruiting fantastic talent during her time at RBC.

During her time both in Manchester and more recently in Birmingham Louise has given classes across the world, including Yale; Penn State; Cincinnati; Central Michigan; Eastman (USA), Krakow; Blonay; Zurich; Oviedo; Tampere; Cremona; Milan; Vienna; Frankfurt (Europe), Chennai (India); Adelaide; Melbourne; Brisbane; Townsville (Australia), Chengdu; Shanghai; Kunming; Chonqing; X’ian, Xiamen; Beijing; Suzhou; Wuhan; Guangzhou; Shenzhen (China), Cape Town; Johannesburg; Pretoria; Soweto; Bloemfontein; Durban; Stellenbosch (South Africa), Tibilisi (Georgia)

From 2000-2012 Louise worked for Pro Corda, the International Chamber Music School based at Leiston Abbey, Suffolk. She started out as a chamber music coach, but also directed the Junior, Intermediate, Senior and North Courses, and for a few years held the position of Assistant Artistic Director. Since 2012 Louise has been running the Pro Corda Conservatoire Viola Course, and this course has now been renamed as the Aronowitz Viola Course, and for the first time will be held at Lavethan, Blisland in Cornwall from 7-12 February 2022.

Since 2017 Louise has been teaching alongside her colleague Jan Repko at Quattro Corde, a course and festival held in the beautiful village of Sant ‘Agata Feltria, Italy. The course is held each summer for around two weeks.
Within the UK Louise has given classes across many specialist schools and conservatoires over the years.

Louise has ex-viola students playing in orchestras, chamber music groups, as soloists, leaders in education and trail-blazing musical activists across the globe. She is incredibly proud of them all!